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Introducing the Danocaster


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  • Introducing the Danocaster

    Or is it a TeleLectro? No its my old top loading plywood Rouge. Some pink Krylon, a new bridge and some GFS Lipsticks. Its twangy !


    Heres a better look at the bridge and pickups. The outside screw holes happened to line up perfectly, but a little gap there as the new plate was not quite as long. 


    Accidently sanded thru to the creme paint in a couple of spots around the belly cut. I left it for history's sake.



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    Looks nice! How do you like the sound of those lipstick pickups?
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    • Pine Apple Slim
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      They are great for clean jangly open string rhythm, on up to when hte Bassman starts to breakup a little. I havnt run them thru any distortion yet except the presets on my Mustang 1.  One or two of the dist presets sound decent w nice clarity, and a lot of em sound like ass, like a really ****************ty dist pedal or a torn speaker. lol. With lots of reverb, single note surf lines sound pretty cool on the low strings.