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The old desert island fantasy


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  • The old desert island fantasy

    Say you can only keep one axe, one amp, one pedal, what is really essential to your playing style?

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    Yamaha SG
    Laney LC15

    don't need any pedals.


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      My old '67 Super Reverb, my '81 Strat, and my Boss ME-50. 



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        Desert island? Well then I will take a Hamer Duotone for the guitar, a super fancy preamp (even my Pod X3 would be fine, but maybe an AxeFX since we're fantasizing), and a nice PA system for the "amp."

        But really, I'm ok with my AC30 and any of my guitars (we'll go with my 339) and an overdrive pedal.
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          The nicest Line 6 Variax model they make.

          Whatever amp has the most built-in effects and amp modeling with the best sound quality.

          Wah pedal. :cattongue:


          • BydoEmpire
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            My custom Suhr Set Neck Modern

            My Dr. Z MAZ 38 Studio Deluxe

            My Fulltone Fulldrive 2


            Tempted to say an Axe FX 2 or Kemper instead of the Dr. Z, but not having played either it's hard to commit.

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          les paul.  marshall.  maybe a delay pedal (since i could crank the **************** out of a marshall on a desert island to get distortion).

          but i would be happy with just a really nice acoustic, as long as it had some upper fret access.

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          • J-E-M
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            My strat, a Laney, and my BAT Pharaoh.

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          Fender Mustang
          Roland BC-60
          Boss OD3

          That was surprisingly easy.
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            Ampeg Dan Armstrong, Music Man HD212 150, Vox ToneLab SE.
            Guitars: Ampeg Dan Armstrongs, Fender Telecasters, Stratocasters, Epiphone Les Paul, G-400, EG-1275, Dots, Gibson SG, Squier Stratocasters, Telecasters, OLP MM1s, etc.Amps: Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50/1960A, Ampeg VL-502/VLA, Music Man HD150 212, etc.Effects: Vox ToneLab SE, etc.Influences: Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Ronnie Wood, Paul Kantner, Eric Clapton, Rich Robinson, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, The Edge, etc.


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              Martin HD-28.

              This isn't one of those "there won't be power" things, but I realy feel if it's just me on a desert island an acoustic will be far more versatile, less ear fatiquing, and just better to accompnay myself with.


              • Marko
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                Limited to one guitar, amp and pedal, I

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              Oh accessory, max grip nylon Jazz IIIs. One will last forever, yet I have around 100 b/c I'm scared of running out, or they will stop making them lol!
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