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Mini-humbucker: Seymour Duncan vs Gibson


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  • Mini-humbucker: Seymour Duncan vs Gibson

    I'm looking to drop a mini-humbucker into the bridge position of my guitar.

    I have no experience with mini's.  How does the Gibson mini compare to the line of Duncans?  In particular, I'm interested in the "seymourized" mini model, which is supposedly a bit hotter than vintage.

    FWIW, I've owned several Gibson guitars and have always loved the stock pickups, from the 496 to the Burstbuckers.

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    The guitar I'm playing most these days has Seymour minis in it. I believe the SM-1 and SM-2. Just fantastic pickups. I've never really played Gibson's minis except a friend's Firebird, which I think are different from the standard mini-bucker? Dunno. I'm a fan of Gibson pickups too, so I'm sure they're great.


    • tlbonehead
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      I own guitars with both. Easily the Gibsons for me.

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    I've a Seymourized in the neck slot of a Tele.  Hot hot hot.  Very in your face.

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    • SilverSurferJS20
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      I have a seymour duncan lil 59  in my am dlx tele [it was installed when I bought it off CL] and also in my blonde RW tele.

      Great little pickup

      my am dlx is an incredibly light guitar and is set up for open G with only 5 strings

      my RW is in std tuning