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  • iRig for Android now available


    So, yeah. Just got this in an e-mail, and yeah. Needs Android 4.1, though, so you'll need a pretty recent device, but this is the first major recording interface for Android. Now for the more guitar-specific apps.



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    Sadly, it does not work with the iRig guitar interface device ...


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      JRicoC wrote:

      Sadly, it does not work with the iRig guitar interface device ...


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    Woohoo! I have a Galaxy S3, so this is for me.
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      Shouldn't it be called Andrig?? Just sayin'
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      Instead of searching for intelligent life in the universe, NASA should send a probe to this thread.


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        Certainly should, and I'd be surprised if it ever works with an iRig controller. There have been a few companies around working on recording interfaces for Android, and much work has been needed on the USB and related drivers to fix latency issues. I wonder how this will work.

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      I never particularly cared for interfaces that mooch off of analog mic inputs and such... digital is the way to go... and that's where it's important that your interface can act as a USB host. I think most recent devices can, in theory.
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