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Unwanted string noise (not a palm muting issue)


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  • Unwanted string noise (not a palm muting issue)


    I play two main guitars - a MIM S-S-S strat and a PRS SE Singlecut....through an 18W all-tube which is voiced like a Marshall, with a Truetone Clean Boost

    Last night at a gig I realised that I was facing huge string noise issues on the PRS ...I couldn't even slide my fingers up and down the fretboard on powerchords without making a huge scratching noise....this was not a problem at all on the strat....unfortunately I haven't paid too much attention to my brand of strings, but I'm using 10's on both and I'm fairly certain I had both the guitars restrung a couple of months back at the same time and with pretty much identical strings

    I'm wondering if the problem is the hum bucker v/s the single coil, and perhaps I never noticed before because this was the first time I had a chance to really crank up this particular amp??? The problem is unlikely to be my technique as I have pretty good right hand muting, and, like I said, I didn't have any issues on the strat

    Any suggestions?


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    Someone else put an unknown brand of string on your guitars about two months ago and now one of them is squeaky at high volume? Get your money back. 


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      Have you tried Fast Fret or something similar?

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    Find a string brand that works and stick with them. I'm EB green for life.
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      If I could chime in - I just picked up my first PRS, and what I noticed is not an issue with the strings, but the fact that the pickups are just SUPER close to the strings, and really not able to be backed up much without popping the feet off the screws.

      Mine measures about 1/32nd" off the pole pieces, (which I've backed down to be flush with the covers, btw) when fretted at the last fret. If you're not sure what that means, a 'standard' pickup height runs about 3/32.

      In contrast, I have my EBMM JP6 set up at 3/32, and it's dead quiet in regards to unwanted string noise, with WAY higher output pickups. I'm going to see if I can get a couple sets of slightly longer mounting screws for the pickups in my PRS.