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    Has anybody tried one of these? I imagine they are going to be viewed with scepticism on this board, but thought I would ask, as I am tempted to try it out, when it eventually arrives on my island (especially one fitted on a LP 50s tribute with P90s). I am actually interested in them, as I play in a covers band (very part time), and we have about three (sometimes four) different tunings based on the range of our vocalist and on the song (one drops whole guitar down to C, G, D sharp, etc). Also, we like to move seamlessly between songs (well, the rest of the band do) and retuning between numbers can lead to loss of momentum.

    So, I am interested to see if it will help us.... although I am aware that they are pricey!

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    I'm going to bump this up the forum a bit, as I probably posted it at a time before anybody had got out of bed in the Americas... where this new gadget is most likely to have been tried.