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Any reason why I shouldn't buy this?

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  • Any reason why I shouldn't buy this?


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    You really need to order that. And post a review.

    Is that a copy of a production guitar or is some Chinese factory owner ripping of Vai


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      If you'd like it and are curious I don't see why not, for 100 bucks ...


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        It's a counterfeit/ripoff/scam.

        It prolly weighs 20 lbs.

        That cheap 'floyd' thing will prolly never stay in tune.

        It's fugly^3

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        • Mad Tele
          Mad Tele commented
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          get the Rick one!  

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        What gtrjones said. It seems ordering that would be equivalent of flushing a Benjamin down the toilet.
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          Could make some cool wall art.....
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            looking a little deeper:


            "Design your custom order as you want.

            Detail according to email record.

            Each order may apply to different price since custom order is different.

            For make a bid, If your order price is $300 then place an order with 3bids.  that is $100x3=$300.

            $500= $100 x 5 , you need bid 5.

            $600= $100 x 6, you need bid 6.

            for other bid, just place order like as the example shows. If you need to pay some amount like $399, how to make it?

            just bid 4 and that is $400, we will return you $1 for change."


            could get sticky...

            acoustics and electrics of different aspects. some amps and cabs
            and a multifx...


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