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Hot or Not? March 21st


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  • Hot or Not? March 21st

    Mike Sherman Fanned Fret 7
    27" to 25.5" fan - 30 frets
    Purple heart, Walnut, and Maple for the neck and body, insanely figured Birdseye Maple for the fretboard and truss rod cover

    This guitar is insane. 

    The tone is gorgeous. Nothing short of it. The woods are beautiful, the feel is perfectly solid, and the playability really leaves nothing to be desired.

    Sherman told me that this was a prototype that he built (it's pictured on his website if you want to check it out). I've never played another one of his guitars, but now I'm mighty curious.

    There isn't much in the way of actual flaws, but right by the volume knob and the low B tuner, there are light spots in the clearcoat. Not really sure what it's from.
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    That would only serve as a curiosity for me.
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    • BydoEmpire
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      kayd_mon wrote:
      That would only serve as a curiosity for me.

      Pretty much sums it up for me.  I'd like to try a fanned-fret guitar, but I don't think I'd ever play that one very much.  Looks kind of cool, but I still have to say "not."

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    It's interesting, but not hot. Is it hard to barre with fanned frets?
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    • slvrsrpnt
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      cool looking guitar, but too much axe for me.  I have trouble with 6 strings and figuring out what's going on!

    • lz4005
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      180 degrees away from anything I'd ever play, but still damn hot.

      photon9 wrote:
      It's interesting, but not hot. Is it hard to barre with fanned frets?

      The ones I've tried were very easy in lower positions, as long as you didn't think about it too much. Your hand just sort of rotates the right way, if that makes sense.

      Where it got confusing for me was above the octave where the frets seemed more angled.


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      Kind of pretty, but I wouldn't know how to begin to play it, and I'd be afraid that upper horn might take my eye out.


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        I get dizzy looking at it. My curiousity is piqued though. I wouldn't say "Hot', but definitely interesting.


        • Dr. Scottie C
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          At least it has a body contour in the back.... something that someone at Gibson still hasn't figured out 60+ years later that their flagship model boat anchor guitar (Les Paul) needs to at least make somewhat comfortable.