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Tempest or PRS?


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  • Tempest or PRS?

    http://www.guitarcenter.com/PRS-SE-Custom-24-Electric-Guitar-H70029-i1887624.gc?esid=Prs+se+custom+24 OR http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Tempest-Custom-Electric-Guitar-106380694-i1504127.gc? I play mostly heavy music. I shred and move up and down the neck. Occasionally play bluesy stuff.

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      You can't go wrong with either.  Really.  Best bet is to sit down with both at a music store and spend some time playing each to see how they feel and sound.  Whichever feels and sounds the best, go with it.  There is no wrong answer here.


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        Well, the obvious answer is whether or not you want a trem...?

        I have owned more than one of both and the tempest has a thicker body which to me gave it had more depth in tone.  The neck is slightly thicker too.  The PRS is more of a shredder if you will, not that either should be discounted either way but with a relatively thin neck and trem, that's what it is geared for.

        They are both pretty kick ass guitars for the price regardless.

        PS  The custom tempest has better pickups, the standard tempests pickups are on par with the PRS.