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    Im in the army right now so my paycheck isnt all that fantastic (korea too, might get nuked) and I want a new setup. Currently I have handmedown crap, a fender starcaster (yes hah, better then what my dad bought me though) a small crate amp thats busted and doesnt play full tone range anymore, a line6 pocket pod, loop pedal and wah pedal.

    Ive been trying to learn to play metal but I can't get the sound I want. 
    Looking for a sound along these lines 

    I have a price range of about 1600-1800

    Im talking guitar, pick-ups, amp, pedals, everything (if you include pedals in your post Id be willing to extend that range quite a bit.)

    Thanks from overseas 

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    If you are living in the baracks and strictly looking for something to play in your room then I would take a seriousl look at the Yamaha THR-10x for your amp needs.   

    For something a bit larger I would think a Blackstar HT-5 or HT-20 would be a good plavce to start or even  something from the Blackstar ID line.


    Any of those would give you plenty left over for a decent guitar.  And there are so mnay options there I don't know where to start.  Plenty of good offerings from Ibanez, Schecter, Yamaha, ESP, or perhaps a Gibson exlploerer.  My weapon of choice would probably  be a railhammer equipped Reverend Bayonet or Kingbolt


    Another option for the amp/pedals need would be to get a Line 6 HD500 or a Boss GT-1000 along with some powerred monitors.  I have the HD500 myself and am quite satisfied with the tones I can get from it.




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      A lot of less expensive guitar brands are being used by the pros in metal music. Try something from Schecter. I recommend 7 strings, seriously, instead of tuning an E to B, get a 7 string and tune it down to A. If you can get past the fugly headstock, Carvin makes a 7 string and you can customize it completely. PRS is releasing a Custom 24 7 string SE model.

      For amps, as suggested, the Blackstar is realy great. Mesa's triple rectifier was the choice of metal for a while, but Randall is excellent too.

      Good luck over there. Come home safe.