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Scott Weiland on STP following recent firing.


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  • Scott Weiland on STP following recent firing.

    from hennemusic:


    As Scott Weiland continues his solo tour, the former Stone Temple Pilots singer says he remains open to working with the band despite recently being fired from the group.

    "They've done it before, and they can do it again," Weiland tells Vindy.com. "They're good players. I respect them. Every band has issues. I just think sometimes people say things before they really think about it.

    "I know that I've done that in the past. I was guilty of it with Velvet Revolver after myself and [drummer] Matt [Sorum] got into an argument backstage before an encore. That led me to say that I wasn't going to play any more shows with those guys.

    "So I think that the fact this tour was doing so well was a reactionary thing on their part. But it actually isn't quite so simple."

    Asked if has closed the door to ever working with STP again, the singer replies "definitely not."

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    Well, I like their first three albums. I also liked their Army of Anyone project with the singer from Filter. Too bad that nothing has stuck for them since the first three STP albums.
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      when they were on they were something very special!!