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Hot or Not? March 22nd

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  • Hot or Not? March 22nd


    Soloway Swan

    Swan Contour - swamp ash body, maple neck, 27" scale of course, pau ferro fingerboard, sea snail markers. Chambered, no hole, and has rounded edges and an arm contour, like on a Strat; very comfortable. The pickups are a pair of TV Jones TV'Trons - standard humbucker size repros of Gretsch Filtertrons.

    This is an exceptional guitar. Remarkably even sounding all over the neck and every position rings like a bell. Chords speak clear and full, even with distortion, and the TV'Trons are capable of some great chime and twang.
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    27" scale? Is that a baritone? Because if it isn't, that sounds like it might be a bit stiff-feeling with all that tension.
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      Aside from the baritone scale it's a gorgeous guitar. The body shape is just beautiful, perfect.
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        Jim Soloway used to be a regular here on HCEG but I haven't seen him in ages.  His guitars are beautiful and as I recall he was a pretty decent jazz guitarist to boot.  I'd love to have such a guitar but it would be wasted on me

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        photon9 wrote:
        Aside from the baritone scale it's a gorgeous guitar. The body shape is just beautiful, perfect.

        This, in spades.

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        Hot and more HOT!