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  • Help Identifying Type of Guitar

    I was wondering if I could get some help identifying this guitar I own. I know it's an Epiphone Les Paul but can't find anything more specific than that.

    I'm looking to sell it, along with the amp, and would like to know what a fair price is for both the guitar and the guitar + amp.

    Any advice would be appreciated. A link to pictures is below.


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    The serial number is I03062856 if that helps at all.


    • Mad Tele
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      thats a nice looking guitar. my guess is its an epiphone les paul copy of some sorts.


      Im not sure these bundle packages work. I would try and sell them seperately. 

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    It was made in June 2003 and Grovers are original. The truss rod cover on mine (a 2004) does not say Gibson but les paul standard.

    I don't know about cost,sorry. But I've seen older ones, go for about

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    • guitargnar
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      Thanks for the response. That's a lot of help.