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She gives me fever..


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  • She gives me fever..

    I'm off sick from work because of a nice and groovy flu, and as you can see I'm killing time by starting threads around here. Glad to see interesting input flowing. If you have a little mojo to spare I bet it will give me that extra push which the antibiotics seem to be short of. BTW How are YOU doing?



    "The blues is the recognition of a tragedy, and the optimism to deal with it" (Fruteland Jackson)

    "You may think you're playing your instrument, but what you're really playing is the audience" (anonymous)

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    Here's a healthy helping of good vibe mojo for you! Get well soon.
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      Whole family was sick a month ago, now we're good.  Hope you get well soon.  Here's something to make you feel better in the short term (love the restrained solo @40 and Beth sings her ass off):

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    get well mojo enroute!

    acoustics and electrics of different aspects. some amps and cabs
    and a multifx...


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      Feel better soon!
      INTERNET stands for: Inter-connected Network of Tools Endlessly Regurgitating Negatively Energized Tantrums

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        Thanks folks. Much appreciated !!