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  • Bent Neck?

    Hi I'm new to forums!

    Maybe a bit of a noobie question:

    So I have a strat that I had no issues with. Took it in for a setup and got 11s installed and the tech is telling me the neck is warped. Ever since I got it back, if you look down the neck the treble side is straight as an arrow while the bass side is a bit 'relieved'. Is this normal because of the higher gauge strings?

    Should I get a second opinion? Is there any way to fix this?


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    I would get a second opinion. Necks can warp but it's pretty rare I think.

    Detune it and tune it up and see what happens.



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      i loosened all the strings and looked and basically, the neck is dead straight without any tension. (which leads me to believe its not warped). However, once i tune back up, its bent again. i tightened the trust rodd a quarter turn to straighten it (it was relieved on both sides) and now basically the bass side is a bit relieved still while the treble side is straight. It is very frustrating. 

      Could this have anything to do with the springs on the trem? I had 3 and the guy put an extra one. (have no idea why he would do this and not tell me)... One things for sure, im never going back there again... 




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        The neck is a little warped. It was warped before, you just didn't notice.
        Do you notice it now when you play, or only when you look at it?

        It has nothing to do with trem springs.

        The guy who set it up for 11s put an additional spring in there so that the trem would work the same as it did with lighter strings. (assuming you were going up from 9s, not down from 13s)

        If you don't like how it plays get a new neck. You could compensate for the warp somewhat by filing down some of the frets on the straight side, but you should really just get a new neck.

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      I've had a couple of guitars that had a slight twist, and they still played just fine.  As long as it plays well with no buzzes or dead spots, don't worry about it.  It seems odd that it would be warped only on one side.

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        Thanks for the help.

        I brought the action down ( was tooo high) and put a set of 10s and then adjusted the truss rod and let it settle for a day. Also put an 11 string on the high E. seems to have made a bit of a difference.
        Also took out the spring and tightened the tension in the back plate so the trem is about 1 cm floating.

        Seems to be playing way better than before although the neck is still not straight near the 13rh fret and I'm getting a slight buzz off the low E string with action on the 12th fret at 4/64.

        Will keep adjusting and hope it gets better. I've never had this happen before and this is my nice strat (deluxe mia) so I'm quite upset this is happening.

        Mrbrown, I did just that, the neck was straight on both sides when I did that, do you think it's the setup?

        Thanks for the replies and sorry again if this is a nooby question but I did google a bit before and didn't find anything definitive on what could fix this.