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  • Newsted.


    "Jason Newsted has added more star-power to his new solo band Newsted with the addition of Staind guitarist Mike Mushok.

    Mushok joined the lineup led by the former Metallica bassplayer turned frontman Newsted, along with drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. and bassist Jessie Farnsworth.

    The band will be hitting the road in June for a series of European music festival appearances in June in support of the "Metal EP" which was released in January.

    6/5 - Impact Festival (Second Day) - Warsaw, Poland 
    6/7 - Sweden Rock Festival - Solvesborg, Sweden 
    6/16 - Download Festival (3rd Day/Pepsi Max Stage) - Castle Donington, 6/UK 

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    i like the sound of this. It wouldn't be too difficult to imagine that song done by Metallica though. 


    • soundcreation
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      **************** that is pretty ****************ing good!  

      Yeah it's got a little Metallica in it but I heard a little motorhead in their as well.  

      I like!

    • slvrsrpnt
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      back in the day when I was a young metal head there were just too many bands and not enough cash to buy all the records to listen to them all.  I missed out on Flotsam and Jetsam.  Jason ended up playing bass for James and the gang after Cliff passed on and then did a very good album with Voi Vod after the passing of their guitarist (who left the band 2 records worth of material already recorded to a click track.)  Jason is still keeping the gig going forward and I wish him luck.  I always think of this cover when I read about his F&J band days.