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John McLaughlin: my top 5 not-so-guilty pleasures of all time


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  • John McLaughlin: my top 5 not-so-guilty pleasures of all time

    Throughout his career, as a guitarist in Tony Williams' Lifetime and in Miles Davis' band, along with his stunning work with his own Mahavishnu Orchestra and then as a solo artist, John McLaughlin has established himself as one of the most important voices in fusion.

    But if you think that the only kind of music McLaughlin listens to in his private life is ruled by odd-time signatures, exotic scales and displays of virtuosic genius, think again. Turns out, the guitarist loves nothing more than a good old pop tune.

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    That was the only guilty one of the five. Ha.

    I am glad he loves MJ, though.
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      LOL @ Amy Grant. But I still wouldn't even call it a guilty pleasure. It's not like he's jamming out to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
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