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Roland's take on Yamaha's THR.


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  • Roland's take on Yamaha's THR.

    You may have seen this but I thought I'd post it anyway.

    Roland Cube Lite, price point is good ($169).  Not as many options as the Yamaha.   http://www.roland.com/products/en/CUBE\_Lite/



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    Whatever about the product, great marketing


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    • larryguitar
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      I don't get these computer-based amps. WIth Guitar Rig or Gearbox (I use a Toneport that I continue to love after years of use) you can get great tones FROM THE COMPUTER. Why would I buy a processor to use with my processor, I guess is what I'm asking?

    • Grantus
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      Ratae Coritanorum wrote:

      Whatever about the product, great marketing


      Yeah, nice video, not so revolutionary product.

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    Looks pretty cool. I'd like to hear one in person, though I would not likely replace my THR5 for it. I think a well-designed softawre app could really make this thing a superb product ...


    • Floyd Rosenbomb
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      Man that thing is ugly.