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Fender 65 DRRI : used or new?


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  • Fender 65 DRRI : used or new?

    Hey, my mind is now set on this amp. A new one here is about 1500$. There is a used 1999 one for 850$. Has the construction been improved since then? Will a used one finally cost more in tubes and maintenance? Does the new one come with the 5 year transferable warranty by Fender?
    I also read that speakers need to be broken-in first and ultimately lose some dynamics. I have no idea how much the used one has been played but I reckon the used one won't sound like the new one.

    Have you got any thoughts on this? Again, I can afford the new one.

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    Those things are built like tanks. I wouldn't have any second thoughts about a used one.


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      Go used.  Cheaper and the speaker's already broke in! 

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    Used ftw
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      If you're patient, where I live, you can find them for $650.  I wouldn't hesistate.  Especially if you have a few extra bucks you can upgrade the speaker and clip the bright cap and that amp will be a keeper for life.

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        scolfax wrote:

        If you're patient, where I live, you can find them for $650.  I wouldn't hesistate.  Especially if you have a few extra bucks you can upgrade the speaker and clip the bright cap and that amp will be a keeper for life.

        I read the advice to "clip the bright cap" a lot on the web. I have a DRRI and do not find it too bright at all. I have to wonder if people who find the stock DRRI too bright are not accustomed to using tone controls and/or are not taking into consideration the guitar and pickups being used. 

        My amp also came with the Jensen P12Q, and I hear the same complaint about this speaker all the time (too bright). Again, I have to say this is not my experience at all. How I adjust the tone depends entirely on the guitar I'm playing (and the tone I'm looking for).

        To the OP, however, I would have to agree with earlier comments: the DRRI is a well built amp, and I'd go with the used one as long as you can check it out thoroughly before committing and you don't mind not having a warranty. My advice also would be to NOT make any mods to it until you've become very familiar with its characteristics, then decide. It's a shame to spend money when you don't need to. I generally like to keep things stock and appreciate the unique character of the way a product was designed. The DRRI has its own sound, and I respect the design. If I don't like the sound or feel of something, I don't buy it; simple.



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      For just about anything we would buy here on HCEG, the correct answer is always used. Save money, and get the same thing. Unless you 1- can't find what you want used or 2- what you want is on some kind of great deal in some way brand new or 3- you just can't wait... Buy used.

      With amps, IMO, it's even more advantageous to buy used. Those Fenders are insanely popular, and I'd wager are all over every area's craigslist. Also, as was said before, they are built very well (they're Fenders!) and you get the benefit of a warmed-up speaker. Since the amp is only what, 14 years old? The most maintenance it might need is new tubes, which I always do for a new amp anyway.
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      As a data point, I bought my DRRI used for $600 in December 2008. It's awesome.

      I still have it and use it for band practice and the occasional gig. All I've ever had to do to it was replace a rectifier tube and a couple of fuses that blew as a consequence of the bad tube.



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        Used for sure.