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Electric guitars with natural/clear finish - Hot or Not?

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  • Electric guitars with natural/clear finish - Hot or Not?

    i'm not talking about bursts or trans-color finishes.  do you like the look of a clearcoated, un-factory-tinted maple, ash, basswood, alder, etc. top on an electric guitar?  post pics of your favorite(s).

    does something like this do it for you, or does it come off looking incomplete, cheap or awkward?  does a natural-finish make your heart go pitter-patter, or do you just go "meh"?






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    Some yes, some no. I love natural on basses, but not so much on guitars, especially LP-type.

    Strats/Teles with black or tort pickguard, yes.


    Otherwise a nice flame with a bit of burst around the edges works for me.   

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    • Floyd Rosenbomb
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      I don't mind it,






















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    • Tone Deaf
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      I've never liked that look.

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    Most of the time, I like it. Natural 335s are my favorite.
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    • Into Nation
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      I love them.  Natural slabs, or tops so long as you can't see the joins or they are 2 pc down the middle.

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    I've grown to like them... and in the hands of someone like Phil X, Eric Johnson, Eric Gales, Jimmy Herring, Carl Verheyen, etc, etc I bet they would sound great!


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      It can definitely work if the wood is matched well. That Guild is beautiful, the strat is almost there, and the LP looks terrible.
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      • mschafft
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        For semi-hollows and Teles. Either very dark fretboard or maple.