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Duncan P-Rails - anybody have them - how do you like them - how does the P90 tone sound?


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  • Duncan P-Rails - anybody have them - how do you like them - how does the P90 tone sound?

    I own a Parker DF that I dearly love. I love it so much I don't want to play any of my other guitars anymore. It has the S S S/H pickup design similar to a fat strat.

    I want another, but there is no sense getting two of a kind.

    The only thing I'm missing on my Parker is the P90 sound. The P90 is my favorite sounding pickup

    I play in a lot of places (I do one-nighters for a living) and a couple of times a year I get into a non-single-coil club. So when I used to bring my ES-330 to those places, it would give me a problem. 

    So I'm going to have a new DF built with Duncar P-Rails on it. They seem to be a good answer, P90 pickups that can double as a rail or humbucker.

    Now I know that there will be compromises in that kind of pickup. Nothing is going to sound exactly like a P90 if there is another coil or magnet nearby.

    For the people who have had P90s and P-Rails, the question is, how good is the P90 tone? Is it 'close enough". 

    I replaced humbuckers with a GFS Mean 90s on another guitar, and it was close enough (and delightful). If anyone has P-Rails and Mean 90s can you compare the tones?



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    Rail is thin

    Humbucker is mushy

    P90 is good


    In short, you are better off with P90's if you buy P-Rails, IMO.

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      I have one in my Parker P38. I think it's a good pup. The P90 is really close, and the HB sounds just like a HB should sound. The rail is thin, but can be useful. Overall, I really like it. It's different, versatile, and sounds good.
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        +1 to what Photon said. The P90 and humbucker sounds are good; rail is just so-so.