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  • Kinda new (to me) PRS

    Back in November, I managed to acquire 2 PRS SEs (an 2008 Singlecut, and a 2012 Tremonti).  Both great little guitars, yet inexpensive.  The problem is, it gave me GAS for a USA made PRS.  So  last month, I was trolling through my local Sam Ash, and there on the wall was a 2007 CE22.  The color caught my eye straight away, and I have always liked those Bird in lays. Tried it out... decided i had to have it. So I went home and picked out some guitars for trade in... and nearly drowned in the bath I took, but I didn't care.  This thing is SWEET!!!  The pics don't do the color justice.

    CE22 -1





    Plays great, nice low action, excellent tone palette.  A little heavy, but less that my LP.  I have since changed the knobs out to cream bells.  It has become my No. 1 electric.  The previous owner took the gloss off the back of the neck.... SMOOTH!  Now I understand why so many players like PRS.  I later found out, this one is kinda rare.  CE22s came stock with dot inlays, birds are special order.

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    She's purtier than a purtier thing what just drown in purtiness:heart:


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      Gorgeous guitar, congrats!

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    Dude, I love it! Amazing guitar. I have a 2005 CE 24 and a Santana SE -- I love 'em both.

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      sweet looking axe, enjoy!