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Un-Potted Humbuckers. . Should I be Worried?


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  • Un-Potted Humbuckers. . Should I be Worried?

    Im getting a Gibson SG real soon and was toying with the idea of selling the 57 Classics and getting a set of Duncan Antiquities because I think they sound fantastic. Whats the real difference in sound between potted and unpotted pickups at say bedroom playing levels? Id like to get in another band sometime so what could I expect from unpotted HBs in a loud band situation? Is the feedback and microphonics avoidable or does it just add to the charm? Thanks.

    Also if anyone has tried both, how would you compare the Duncan Antiquities with Gibson Burstbuckers?

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    It depends on a few factors, like how much gain you're playing with and how well the pickup was wound. A lot of people play with Seth Lovers with classic rock gain levels without much in the way of uncontrollable feedback.
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      Unpotted single coils feedback when I click on a dirt pedal when the guitar is about ten feet from the amp at band practice. It's a non issue at gigs. It's a non issue at home, 'cuz the volume isn't that high.