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Hot or Not? March 29th


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  • Hot or Not? March 29th


    Crook Tele-bird

    Specs are as follows

    2 piece maple neck,
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    I like the neck pickup.


    • Jkater
      Jkater commented
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      not sure about the look. Nice configuration. I'd like to try that.

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    It's a good attempt, though.  The paisley finish might work in a different color scheme, but it desperately needs a rosewood fretboard ...


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      Pretty hot.
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      • Pine Apple Slim
        Pine Apple Slim commented
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        I'd prefer the headstock left natural, painted looks weird to me with maple fretboards.

        Otherwise, very hot! I'd love a Crook.


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      • Marko
        Marko commented
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      Looks good on paper, but it isn't the most attractive guitar I've seen.  I suspect I'd like it better once I started playing it. :robotwink:

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      • larry50
        larry50 commented
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        Looks not hot, but I've had a chance to play several Crooks and they were all fantastic sounding and playing guitars.

        So, if someone wants to give me March 29th, I wouldn't turn it down. 

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      It looks melted, in a not good way. 


      • Malcolm Ramone
        Malcolm Ramone commented
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        Wow, that's a whole lotta ugly right there!! Body shape looks more Dano Pro than 'bird, pg looks off, mainly from the body shape. And the headstock is pretty meh, all finished in a "why would anyone want THAT?" finish. So, um, not hot. -Adam

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