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Guitar with built in effects?!????


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  • Guitar with built in effects?!????

    Anyone own any of those type of guitars?

    they have built in #1 Phase,#2 normal-effects,#3 delay, #4 vibrato, #5 wah, #6 chorus, #7 distortion

    I'm seeing one on ebay an explorer style.. but i've never seen anything like it before.

    but.. i just thought it was neat.. and was curious if anyone currently owns something like it.
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    The only guitars that I know of that come with build't in effects are Corts.To this day my stepbrother is still on the quest for the Explorer of wich you speek.
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      I think Alesis still makes a guitar with built in effects...couldn't tell you much about it, tho.
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        Electra made some



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          yes i own a kay with onboard effects

          he has, echo, whirlwind (leslie like sound),tremelo, wah and fuzz.
          it's a bolt on lp model with a solid mahogany body, this was the topmodel kay produced in the 70's at that time.

          there are also bassguitars around with onboard effects.


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            I had an Alesis X-Guitar a few months ago. It was a nice little Gimmick. Sam Ash had them on sale for $169 on Closeout. The guitar itself had a one piece neck and was solidly built (there was not one visible glue spot or bound piece at all) After about 20 days I just couldn't get past the Cheesiness of it and took it back to buy the Digitech RP-250. I think I made a good choice. The novelty wore off real Quick.
            The neck on that guitar was a real winner though, but not enough to make me keep it.


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              never saw the kay, but i just got an alessis x-guitar for $159 from sam ash in nov. 06, really well built, didn't get the wah pedal, but it sounds great & is well made. you plug headphones straight into it, better headphones make a difference. I'm gonna buy a dunlop or vox wah to go with it.


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                In the mid 70's...Electra MPC...LP copy with plug in modules...pretty cool
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                • tlbonehead
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                  n0fx wrote:
                  In the mid 70's...Electra MPC...LP copy with plug in modules...pretty cool

                  yep, they were fairly popular around here.

                • Phil O'Keefe
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                  n0fx wrote:
                  In the mid 70's...Electra MPC...LP copy with plug in modules...pretty cool


                  I had a friend in the early 80s who had a double cutaway Electra with onboard effects.

                  Also, has anyone mentioned the Gibson Firebird X? It is probably the most modern version of the concept. 


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                Danelectro had some out a few years back:

                "The Innuendo ($269) features distortion, chorus, echo, and tremolo built-in, accessible via four buttons on the pickguard. Two knobs are also provided for controlling the distortion and tremolo speed. The Innuendo is available in Blue/Silver Sparkle Burst, Gold Sparkle Burst, and Limo Black. Other hardware features on the Innuendo include a fulcrum tremolo and graphite nut. "


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                  So of the late model Danelectos, such as the danoblasters, also had built-in effects, I believe.
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                    Didnt Fernandes make one with Digitech FX built in?

                    Some stuff

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                      i borrowed an electra as a loaner once while i was having a guitar set up. i quite enjoyed it actually, but found the built-in effects to be pretty unusable. a lot of unwanted noise and very little actual effect. not even subtle, just simply not much there. great neck & decent PUs, though.
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                        A Japanese maker called Fresher had built in effects in the 70s, Kawai also had a model with some.
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                          The Electras are the ones I've seen before, too. I think GFS makes modules now that you can plop into your control cavity. Personally, I'd rather have a pedal, as I swap effects a lot and rarely like one so much that I keep it forever, but to each their own.
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                            I have a Dano Innuendo and it has built in effects.
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