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Guitar Collection POTD #13

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  • Guitar Collection POTD #13


    owner: stjimmy on TGP

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    INTERNET stands for: Inter-connected Network of Tools Endlessly Regurgitating Negatively Energized Tantrums

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    Hello Kitty to White Falcon.

    I like the Firebird 1 ( both of them )

    Is that a blue Veleno or is it just catching the light ?


    <div class="signaturecontainer"><font size="1">Fender-TeleSonic Tele Elite, ProJr, 75Amp, '67 Bassman w/212 cab<br />
    Gretsch- 71 Nashville, 2003 New Nashville<br />
    Gibson- 76 LP '55 model<br />
    BC Rich- 1977 Koa Eagle deluxe<br />
    Martin- 1972 D-35<br />
    Mesa Boogie-Subway Blues w/12&quot; EVM 12L-F cab.<br />
    Assorted fun toys and boxes of joy.<br />
    &quot;Many are cold, few are frozen&quot;</font></div>


    • GreatDane
      GreatDane commented
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      jimash wrote:


      Hello Kitty to White Falcon.

      I like the Firebird 1 ( both of them )

      Is that a blue Veleno or is it just catching the light ?


      it's apparently a Veleno copy made to his spec.  it's not blue.

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    Yeah, I've seen that pic in the collections thread on TGP.  That entire thread is like a plead for help, but it makes one feel good if he feels like he has one or two guitars too many ...


    • Jkater
      Jkater commented
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      My second thought (after "wow, nice!") was : given that the shadows are sharp, it is sunny out there and those guitars lying on a black surface are in for a nasty heat treatment... ouch! not good.

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    I wonder how long it took him to set that up. I guess it
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