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Hot or Not? April 2nd


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  • Hot or Not? April 2nd


    2012 PRS DGT
    "This is in a Custom-ordered Color: Red Tiger. Not a standard DGT Color.

    9.9 Condition. Plays perfect and straight. No fretwear, low action. Sounds really nice. I'm the original owner. Kept in non-smoking home, never gigged ever. Comes with all the original case-candy, Original Hardshell case. Weight is great at 7lbs 14 oz. Standard DGT neck carve. Very cool custom-ordered color in Tiger Red (Which raises the price about $300.) Believe it or not, this isn't a 10-Top!"
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    Not my favorite color for a PRS, but still damn hot.  DAMN hot.

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    • larry50
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      Very hot, but overall I'm not a big PRS fan. 

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    Extremely hot. I love the bird inlays.


    • slvrsrpnt
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      sweet looking guitar, I've never had the chance to play a USA PRS, perhaps one of these days I'll get a shot.

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    Hot damn, that's hot! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


    a PRS DGT is on my lust list, big time. 

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      I wouldn


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        Definitely hot! .... For a PRS heheh!
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          It is not what you play, but THAT you play.


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            Even with the gold hardware and vibrato ...


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              Oh so hot!
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                Not a PRS fan, not really into the color, but yeah, that's hot.


                • Buttcrust
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                  It makes my eyes burn

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                That pretty much defines a hot guitar for me.  WAY HOT!

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                  Would bang.
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                    Hot! What pickups are in that?


                    • GreatDane
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                      BeanoBoy wrote:

                      Hot! What pickups are in that?

                      if it's stock, then those are the DGT pickups.  they are amazing.  i have a DGT and it is one of the nicest PRS guitars i've every played.  everything about it is perfect.  i have it strung with 11s, and they feel like 10s.

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                    Looks like GFS Crunchy PAT's


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