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Anyone else love the new 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard?


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  • Anyone else love the new 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard?

    I bought in desert burst. This thing has the best flames I have ever seen on a Gibson. I ordered on Sweetwater, and there has many to view, but THIS one has way better flames than any others. SO lucky I got it.


    I LOVE the new compound radius fretboard. comfy on top for chording, and flattens out big time at end of the neck, making bends like butter.


    Also not as dark as some other pauls I have had, more clarity. The coil split I dont care for, it wont match a strat anyways. I LOVE the out of phase switch. Brian May mode for me!


    Locking tuners are awesome and so much easier and faster to put new strings on. 


    The ONLY thing that worries me is the laminated rosewood I read about. Is this way overblown, or would a refret in the future destroy the board? 

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    they've changed them slightly for this year i believe. Because the 2012 Standard had such nice flame they had trouble sourcing enough material for them, so now the 2013 Standard will be less flamey and slightly cheaper, and i think there is a Standard Plus or something that will have the really nice flame top like the original 2012's. 


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      Not yet


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        Don't have a Standard, though I wish I did! Pics?
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          I don't have a Standard, but absolutely love my 2012 Traditional Gold Top that I bought from Sweetwater in December.  Other than fantastic playability, the back and sides have a little darker finish than usual, which has some really amazing wood grain.  Like it so much that I sent my salesperson a note of thanks, which is a first.  

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        I have not played one yet, I really like the specs and features of them. I think Gibson did a good job of putting new and old technology together without being "gimmicky".

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          Pics or it's a 2011.