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2012 Gibson Custom "Red Widow" "new" @ local store for $4400 + tax -- worth it?


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  • 2012 Gibson Custom "Red Widow" "new" @ local store for $4400 + tax -- worth it?

    Just wondering everyone's thoughts.  I was told it was limited to 25 made in 2012 in this color. I can't find anything on Gibson.com about them.  I assume these are made in USA.

    Excuse the pic -- snagged from gibson forums.






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    another image - this is not a 2012 -- the 2012 has gold hardware and covered pickups.  Also, the serial on the 2012 is different from the earlier ones from what I can tell and the rearlier ones have a widow spider painted where the custom logo normally sits.  The 2012 doesn't ahve this.


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      It looks quite nice. If I could change anything though, I would have red pearl acrylic inlays or something fancy looking that fits the overall motif better.

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        Eh, it's ok. I like the fact that Gibson occasionally makes these oddball finishes, but I wish they made more.
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          yuk on that one for me. 

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          I like it.
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            Ha, my neighbor who