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Hot or Not? April 9th

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  • Hot or Not? April 9th



    BODY : Thin laminated flame maple top/Solid maple/Solid Mahogany Back Vintage'59 type shape
    NECK : Mahogany,Vintage'59 rounded type of shape, middle of between '58(Fat) and '60(slim)
    FINGERBOARD : Rosewood, 22F 
    RADIUS : 305R (12")
    INLAY : Perarloid Dish
    SCALE LENGTH:628mm(24.75") 
    NUT : Bone
    NUT WIDTH : 43mm(1.69")
    JOINT: SetNeck Long tenon 
    PICKUPS : Bare Knuckle Stockholm humbucker sized P90's - Aged Nickel 
    CONTROLS : 2-Vol, 2-Tone, Toggle PU selecter, Switch Craft Jack, Oil capacitors - RS Guitar Works
    BRIDGE : Vintage Type Tune-matic & Tailpiece
    TUNERS: Vintage type tulip tuners gotoh SD-90SL
    COLOR : Vintage Lemon drop All Lacquered(nitro) Relic finish





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    Oh my. I need to change my manties.


    • slvrsrpnt
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      single cut  -  not my thing

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    • Mike Fiasco
      Mike Fiasco commented
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      In some circumstances, single coils in an HB space looks weird.  This fits beautifully.  Nickel covers?

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    I'll even look past the mismatched knobs ...


    • Marko
      Marko commented
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      Yes, Hot.

    • BeanoBoy
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      JRicoC wrote:



      I'll even look past the mismatched knobs ...

      Same here.

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      Hot as a $2 pistol.

      God, I'm turning into my father.


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        First pic, beautifully understated and way hot. Later pics, a bit too orange, but that's lighting & photography.
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        • Jkater
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          Ancient Mariner wrote:
          First pic, beautifully understated and way hot. Later pics, a bit too orange, but that's lighting & photography.

          You'd hate my Gary Moore LP...


          This one is hot and looks flawless, Typical japanese craftmanship, i'd say.

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          Looks nice.
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            • BG76
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            WAY hot!

            Two types of people you don't want to argue with.... geniuses and fools. .....it helps if you can tell the difference.


            • Malcolm Ramone
              Malcolm Ramone commented
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              HAWT, except for the two black knobs!

              CHANGE EM CHANGE EM CHANGE EM CHANGE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!