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NGD...and it's black...:)


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  • NGD...and it's black...:)

    My parents picked this up for me for my birthday. Back in the Strat camp...with buckers! This guitar plays very well, has great frets, and really sounds good.

    Love the black on black look! Will post pics in a few...this forum will not let me do that from my iPad.





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    Well done. That is a mean looking guitar. Badass. :catwink:

    How are the stock HBs? I say get some Zebra Dimarzios or something.


    • steve_man
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      Honestly, they're not bad.  Not quite as good as the Duncan Designed buckers in my Jagmaster...but I like them.  I can still get some "strattish" tones out of it, nice cleans...and they can get some nice dirt without being overpowering.  I may drop a set of different buckers in there one of these days, just to try them out.

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    What a nice present.
    Fatte mi sentire la vostra voce


    • SilverSurferJS20
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      Nice! I lost my 78 Black on Black strat in storage. I re-created it by buying a 70s MIM black strat, then I put on a black pickguard, pickup covers and knobs.

      I also switched out the stock pickups for pickups from an American reissue 70s strat. In the end didn't really like either the MIM or USA pups sold them and put in Noiseless pickups.

      Strat sound great now and when I play it I relive the memories of my first strat.

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    HNGD! Now proceed to rock that thing!
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    • steve_man
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      kayd_mon wrote:
      HNGD! Now proceed to rock that thing!

      I have been...a LOT!  My parents didn't actually pick it out for me.  My dad went with me to GC, and this one caught my eye.  I played it, and two other like it (except they were sunburst), and a regular bullet strat.  This one played the best, sounded great, and has an amazing neck on it!  Fret work is excellent...which wasn't the case on the two sunburst guitars I tried.  When I kept coming back to that one, he bought it for me.  Awesome gift!

      For having humbuckers and only a 3-way switch, I'm really surprised at how "strattish" some of the tones are.  Funny thing is, I've played my two Squires about 95% of the time over the past few weeks.  These two examples may be stellar examples of cheap guitars...but I sure do like them.

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    Nice call by your parents! HNGD.

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    • RogerF
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      Nice! I just brought my all black 1985 MIJ Contemporary Stratocaster back to life. It was sitting in a case for literally 20 years just needing a new output jack, which I replaced, a fret polishing and setup.

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    I had one for a while. Not bad guitars at all. Congrats
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