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  • Hot or Not? April 11th


    Vintage 1960 Fender Telecaster

    Serial #: 54xxx, four bolt neck-plate. Neck pencil dated: 6/60
    Finish: Original sunburst finish, nitrocellulose lacquer type.
    Materials: Solid alder body; solid one-piece maple neck with 'spaghetti' logo peghead; solid slab rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays.
    Hardware: All original hardware includes eight-screw three-ply white pickguard; black staggered pole single coil bridge pickup on string-anchor bridgeplate; single coil neck pickup; original knurled volume and tone knobs; three-way pickup selector switch with top-hat knob; original single line nickel Kluson Deluxe tuners; single butterfly string retainer in peghead; adjustable three-piece threaded bridge saddles; adjustable truss rod.



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    Odd burst pattern, but still H.O.T!  Rosewood fretboard + double bound = win.

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      'Tis a thing of beauty.....Totally Hawt!


      • larry50
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        Hot tele.  Me likee. 

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      Meh. Ever since I got a Les Paul I just look at Fenders and wonder why they don


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        It's an odd, old tele. Not hot - just expensive. - The Blog of the Ancient Mariner My photography blog

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          As mentioned, the burst is "odd", but it's still hot ...


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            Yeah I like this one

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              I like it.

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            It's hot but I suspect it's not the greatest player.  The cleaner ones rarely are.

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              Alecto wrote:

              It's hot but I suspect it's not the greatest player.  The cleaner ones rarely are.

              The "there's a reason this one got shoved under a bed" theory.

              I agree that the burst is strange looking.

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            I like teles, but I don't like that.  Weird, can't get past the ugly burst combined with the rosewood fretboard.


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              Probably kept in the case due to the embarrassingly ugly finish. Meh for me.
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