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Name some custom guitar builders

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  • Name some custom guitar builders

    Can you please list some custom guitar builders that aren't a ton of money. I was planning to have Steve Benford build my next one, but he is not available right now.



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    Depends on what you're looking for, and what you mean by "not a lot of money". I really like the look of Creston guitars for Fenderish designs. His prices seem to start very reasonably. For a more Gibsony look, I'd recommend DGN Guitars. He's getting a good reputation these days though, so maybe not as cheap as he once was.


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      I'd like to keep it around $3k or less.  Definatley more of a les paul style.

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    I dont know what style guitar you're looking for but I sent you an email. Let me know if you dont receive it. 



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      You need to put "budget" in the title. Properly made custom guitars just cost more. Use Warmoth and put one together yourself is the way.


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        Wasn't there a forumite here who used to do some gorgeous Gibson-esque builds? ajcoholic, I think his handle was? Maybe get in touch with him and see what he can do.

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          There's a lot of guys doing really good Fender Teles/Strats and Gibson Jr. styles at $2K-$3K. But to be honest, I don't think you really see custom/handmade archtop LPs at that price range. One option would be a Heritage H-150...you can spec out finish options, pickups, and neck shapes through a dealer like Wolfe guitars. I wouldn't say they're better or worse than a Gibson USA (I have a 535, I find it very comparable to a 335) but the pricing is a bit better as are the options.

          But it's easy to see what that pricing is tough for a custom LP when a production LP standard costs near the upper end of the budget,