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Cool Trick with Rick-O-Sound Jack

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  • Cool Trick with Rick-O-Sound Jack

    I plugged my stereo Y cable into my Rick 360/6 and 620/6 and ran the bass pickup into the Normal Channel on my Vox AC30TBX. The bridge pickup went into the Top Boost Channel. I blended the two together (Vox tone and volume controls are very interactive) until I got a mix that I liked and recorded a clip of each guitar. Let me know how you like the tone.

    This is all about clean tone, by the way, so each channel volume on the amp was set to around 3. I used a pair of mics--both AKG condensors; one close and the other about 10" back, both slightly off axis. I used a Tascam iU2 interface going into Auria on my iPad and added some reverb and slight compression, but the EQ is straight from the guitar and amp.

    The 360 semi hollow with scatterwound toasters is first, then the 620 all maple solid with Hi Gains.





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    I'll have to check this out later, since I'm at work, but I must say I always appreciate your tinkering and interesting threads.
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      You Rickenbacker folks really should try this. Get an instrument cable with a stereo phono plug on one end and two split mono cables with mono plugs on the other (y cable). Plug the stereo end into your Rick-O-Sound jack and the two cables into separate channels of a 2 channel amp like an AC 30. Turn the treble way up on the bridge pickup and blend in the neck pickup until you have a very hi-fi sounding tone.

      You can hear the differences between the scatter wound toasters and the hi gains very clearly in this clip!

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    Incredible tone! I think I liked teh 620 better too, and always thought I was a toaaster guy (haven't had a Rick in years, thanks for the GAS!). Nice job!

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