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The Japanese make the best Acoustics...


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  • The Japanese make the best Acoustics...

    ...for under a Grand. 

    Now that shouldn't piss anybody off should it?

    Seriously though, I've gotten some of my best deals ever on old Japanese (80's and before) acoustics.  I had an Aspen from the 70's that was the most detailed Martin copy imaginable, even had a Brazilian board - played and sounded brilliantly (very jangly).  Unloaded that one before the refret.  Kept a 69 Alvarez which has a brooding haunting tone.  Really great guitars IMO if you can find them.     

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    Well, I like my Takamine...
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      Yes indeed, hard to beat a good Tak. 

      Now I don't know if there's anything to this but I've been told that Japanese acoustics are by and large janglier whereas  American makes give you better bass response. 

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    It depends on a whole lot of factors, with geography being one of the insignificant ones. I'd never be able to guess the country of manufacture in a blind test.

    I understand why people like to generalise to make things fit in their heads, but they all sound and play different.


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      I am very happy with my 1973 S Yairi Model 9100 2071_1060634845469_4781_n.jpg and early 1970s Alvarez OOO-sized acoustic.  I used to have a Japanese Takamine that was the same size as the Alvarez and had a Martin-style headstock logo.  It sounded good and looked sharp.  But it didn't sound as good as the Alvarez.