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  • For Joe Walsh Fans

    Great HQ video w/ classics & songs from Analog Man.  Interesting commentary in-between.  Nice guitars in there, too.



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    I saw that on youtube two weeks ago.  I was on a big Joe Walsh kick.  He was apart of so many great songs.. it's really incredible.

    I'm 3/4 the way through the Hotel California solo.  I kind of backed off on it the last week.  I need to get back to it to finish it off.  What a great lesson in phrasing, bends, and chord tones.  I'm working on getting the string skipping arpeggios Phil X does in his live version... it's going to take some time getting those up to speed.



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      Damn that man can play. Sad that the booze fried his ability to speak normally.


      • Sheraton
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        Damn that man can play. Sad that the booze fried his ability to speak normally.


        Nah, he always talked that way.  Plenty of liver damage though I'm sure.  He has some great stories about hanging out with Kieth Moon in the good old days.  Look 'em up, they're lol funny.

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      Thanks - really enjoyed that.
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        Even if he couldn't play a lick he would still get props for giving Pete Townsend the Gretsch he's used for all the Who albums since Who's Next, and selling Page his No. 1.


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          from mensjournal.com about Keith Moon and Joe Walsh:

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