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    Some folks asked for some nice pictures of my Yamaha SG guitars. Well here they are:

    YAMAHA SG1996 Limited Edition - 3Oth Anniversary - 1996

    * Made in Japan prior to 1996 to celebrate Yamaha's 30th anniversary of their SG guitar. This one is a SBG which would make it even more rare. With only 120 made there are only 30 or so that were sent to the west and labeled with the SBG trussrod cover. This one is serial number 079 and it is in absolutely mint condition. Originally purchased in 1996 as an investment. Never gigged and only rarely been played.

    Unlike the SG2000 model, this one has a gorgeous two piece flamed top. It also has coil taps and will be supplied with its original leather hard case

    This baby is in showroom condition. I have only seen one in my life that looks as nice and it sold for about 3k!!

    The ULTIMATE players guitar.

    These guitars are ridiculously good and from a players point of view match just about anything I have ever played and shames most.

    The SG 2000 was Yamaha Japan

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    I always wondered about those. Thanks for posting Bode, you've got some cool guits.
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      Yeah, those are tight - more, more!! That white one is pretty bling'd out
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      Originally Posted by Strung_Out

      your rig is excessive and loud; I dig that.


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        Which one is your favorite?

        Like I've mentionned before, the one I'd pick is the "real thing", that is, the three-piece plain top SG2000. I don't feel the Yamaha SG needs all the bling and abalone,etc. That's not what it's about for me, although Santana's Buddah inlayed SG is a beauty.
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          I want an SG1300 in Gunmetal Blue, like this:

          Know where I can find one?

          And do all of yours have the Push-Push knobs for various sounds? If so, what do each of them do?
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            And do all of yours have the Push-Push knobs for various sounds? If so, what do each of them do?

            Single coil / Humbucker.
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              I have one of those black SBG 3000s.


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                I've always thought those were the best looking solid bodies on the planet. And all of those pics reinforce that belief.
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                Originally Posted by mistersully

                if i was in the jungle and got stuck in quicksand... and someone reached out to me with that guitar and said "here, grab hold of this and i'll pull you out"... i'd try and remember the good times when the grainy goo filled my ears and nostrils


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                  Beautiful guits!!!

                  Here's mine....

                  Good trades with DCinDC and Used666

                  Originally Posted by Puckman

                  Not all music has to be upbeat...Last I checked, half of Zeppelin's repertoire was boring-ass slow acoustic tunes.


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                    Those are fantastic, absolutely fantastic!
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                      Which one is your favorite?

                      I like the white SBG-3000 the best. I've had it for over 20 years.


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                        I have one of those black SBG 3000s.

                        I think the black one is tied with the Santana one in terms of coolness and clean. Though they are separated by 20 years, you couldn't tell by looking at them.


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                          they do have a reputation for being superb, nice collection dude very classy
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                            Oh man, the Santana. Stunner.
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                              shameless reverse spam:

                              SOMEBODY SELL ME ONE!!!