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I've ditched every other amp for this one.

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  • I've ditched every other amp for this one.

    Vox TB18C1. It's a cathode-biased American-voiced dual 6V6 18 watt amp but with a little bit of Vox jangle. At a $699 street price, it's amazing that these haven't really taken off yet. I think these slay every 1x12" combo I've ever played. I have two of these because I'm really afraid that Vox will discontinue them, as they've been doing to a lot of amps lately.

    Absolutely great live, in rehearsal, recording, not bad as a practice amp either. One thing I love about this amp is I can set the knobs in one place and just forget about them, and use my strumming hand and pickup combinations to control the rest. With all the knobs at noon, I get the right amount of everything. It's very liberating to have an amp that gives me exactly what I want. And when I do want a little less bass or a little more sparkle or whatever, I never have to search for it, the knobs are responsive and do what I want. The mid boost is great as well.

    I've sold pretty much every other amp I have since getting these. I still have my Vox AC4C1 and my Peavey Envoy since those are my living room amps, and my Vox Pathfinder since my bandmates like that amp, but that's it! Won't have any regrets, though. This amp gets me just the right amount of Vox and Fender in one amp.

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    That's it, folks.  Honeyiscool's final amp post (in the Electric Guitar Forum) ...


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      There are always like five amp topics in the first page of this forum, some of them will be mine.

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      JRicoC wrote:

      That's it, folks.  Honeyiscool's final amp post (in the Electric Guitar Forum) ...



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    Will check out the video when I get home, thanks for posting demos as always!

    But you know that a year from now you'll have sold those amps in favor of another perfect sound!
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