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Any info on Peavey Axcelerator guitars?


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  • Any info on Peavey Axcelerator guitars?

    So, I acquired a nice USA made Peavey Axcelerator from the 90's for 50$ but it's in bad condition, the neck is unfretted, which is a problem, but it has good looking brass locking tuners and brass bridge.

    The body itself has good contours and a weird metal plug in the neck joint, now because the neck is unfretted i'm guessing i'll have to replace it for now with another strat neck I have, but i'm not sure what the metal plug thingy does or if will it be problematic, maybe someone knows what i'm talking about, the neck has a matching plug aswell.

    Now, I'm thinking about sanding the poly finish but I can't tell what kind of wood i'll find down there, the original finish is all black but has scratch marks and dings and overall it looks bad, maybe someone knows what wood is beeing used here? .


    thanks for the help guys!, HC is the best place to get info on this things

    (btw, ordered new electronics and jimi hendrix's pups from gfs )

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    Peavey is rather good about providing archived manuals. Here is the manuals for the Axcelerator, which states the the fifth hole in the back of the body is access to a neck-tilt adjustment.:






    It's a shame to change-out the neck, but I do understand the economics of having it refretted/vs. getting an inexpensive replacement. I suppose that you have no interest in learning to fret a neck---this one in particular? 


    You might just run into so many problems fitting another neck to that Peavey, that you'd be better-off learning to fret it. 


    In any case, good luck!


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      I'd love to learn fretting but I don't have access to the right tools and guidance, I saw some tutorials on youtube and while it certainly looks like I can do it, without the proper tools I won't be able to achieve good results.

      I'm keeping that neck for future refretting, but if I'd want to make this guitar playable anytime soon I'll have to replace the neck