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Show us a photo of your guitar you are playing the most right now....

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  • Show us a photo of your guitar you are playing the most right now....

    Show us a photo of your guitar you are playing the most right now....

    Then tell us the make/model/ details about what the guitar is and how you obtained it...

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    2006 Fender Hot Rod Tele acquired used in 2010 from Guitar Center (Hollywood CA) for a great price.  Fantastic guitar, lightweight and an inspiration to play.



    2004 Martin OM-21 acquired new from Eric Shoenberg's shop in Tiburon CA in 2005.   The OM-21 is a sleeper in Martin's standard line, and this one, handpicked by Eric at the Martin factory, is simply amazing.  A tone monster.  The spruce top was nearly pale white when I bought it. 


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    • twisty571
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      The Ol' lady bought me this for a belated X-Mas present and it came a few days ago. Have been playing it alot.


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    • Jkater
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      larry50 wrote:



      2004 Martin OM-21 acquired new from Eric Shoenberg's shop in Tiburon CA in 2005.   The OM-21 is a sleeper in Martin's standard line, and this one, handpicked by Eric at the Martin factory, is simply amazing.  A tone monster.  The spruce top was nearly pale white when I bought it. 


      I met Eric schonberg in the ealy 80's (or late 70's, not sure) in Quebec city and we had a great conversation. He signed my vinyl album of his duet with David Laibman. This guy is the stuff of legend in the acoustic guitar world.

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    These two instrument fit this thread. I play my Sa2200 fairly often these days when I play guitar at all and today I spent some time on the drums. Otherwise I practice french horn everry day a bit.



    Sa2200 and td-9

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    • Malfunction
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      B.C. Rich perfect 10

      Made in Korea

       Neck through 10-string guitar that i removed the extra 4 strings on

      Really nice neck that is soo easy to play

      I know it

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    http://palermoguitars.com/#/the-guitars/4567363751 i was playing one of theese yesterday! so incredly nice a guy in my area builds them custom. he actually has one of the 300 evh frakenstrats v have seen it and he bassically makes EXACT replicas! there is even videos of him playing the orig evh and than his! super solid dude great little shop check them out!


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    Reverend 15th Anniversary Flatroc


    I've had it about a month...It'll get demoted next week once I get my McFeely back from the builder though.

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    I really need some better pics of this.

    Gibson LP Studio that I bought when I was 17. Obtained it with some settlement money from a faulty bike manufacturer. I traded it off to friend about 7 years ago for his acoustic and recently traded back. I have barely put it down, it plays better than I remember. A real workhorse and it has the scars to prove it.

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       photo asat.jpg

      This one got some attention this week.

      '88 Asat picked it up off ebay a few years ago

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      • keyza341
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        This is very close to the guitar I am about to buy now.


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      '61 SG Reissue. '57 Classic pickups. I traded TupeloSon here a Hummingbird for this and another guitar. It came set up perfectly. The neck, slim 60s profile, is perfect for me. I can do anything with this guitar. No matter which amp I play through it sounds awesome.
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      • Strung_Out
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        These two pretty much get equal play time. 

        The strat is an MJT finished body, the neck is from my very first guitar and perfect for me in everyway, pickups are Klein jazzy cats, and the hardware is callaham.  To me, this guitar sounds and plays as good as any strat I've ever picked up including customshop models, vintage strats, and current production models.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.


        My LP is a 2001 and was purchased from GreatDane.  As expected, is an amazing playing and imo looking guitar.  Pickups are Wolfetone Dr. Vintage which just ooze classic rock goodness.  Hardware and plastic was swapped out with aged RS guitarworks pieces to give it a bit more of a vintage feel.

        2001 Les Paul


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      I used to have an ebony Les Paul Special about 7 years ago, but it had P-100's I never bonded with and I sold it after a year.  This is a nice replacement, and bought for the same blowout price as the previous one, $499!  Plus this has a bound neck.  Will play at the next big Crash Pad show on March 2,

      Here's a pic of me playing the previous one with Crash Pad:











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        I play all my guitars evenly but at the moment my carvin is up to bat...


        DC135  Subtle flame Koa top over an alder body.  Neck through, with (obviously) a floyd.  Ebony fretboard.   SSH layout but the single coils are actually single coil sized humbuckers.  They do straty sounds fairly well.  The bridge humbucker is very hot, but with good grind. 

        My girlfriend bought it for me for my birthday a few years ago, after I saw it in a shop.

        Very nice guitar over all.  Fit and finish is very good although I wish it would have had a nitro finish.  Don't like Carvin's thick poly.  Aside from that though it plays very well.  Excellent variety of sounds but does it's best as a hard rock mid to high gain player. 

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        • Presc
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          My K-Line Truxton has stepped into my top spot.  I custom ordered it this past summer - Chris turned it around right on the quoted 12-week lead time and made me a killer guitar.  There's nothing particularly wild about the specs, just a good 60s Tele with a slightly hotter bridge pickup and slightly flatter fingerboard.  It gets all the classic Tele tones but is never overly bright or icepicky, and the neck and fretwork are to die for.


          The nitro finish is incredibly thin - literally a sheet of paper.  Even though I've only had it for less than a year, I've been gigging it a bit and it's starting to naturally relic.



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        2009 Ibanez Jem7v, left handed.  This has been my #1 since my wife gave it to me as a present.  This guitar has been my "Holy Grail" guitar for many years.  Only 150 left handed Jems were produced in the one and only production run of left handed Jem7v's.  My wife tracked down probably the last one that was available in North America.  It plays and sounds amazing. 

        Ibanez Jem.jpg

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        Dimarzio Area 67 neck, FS-1 middle, Virtual Solo in the bridge,  Charvel body, Warmoth pro Wolfgang profile with SS frets. 500k pots with .022pfu



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          Jrt City 001.JPG

          Durango Guitar Works Iron Horse 

          24" Short Scale

          Carved Top Alder Body

           I had to throw it all out on the table to get it..

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          Light, versatile (who knew 1 P-90 could cover so much ground?) plays awesome........

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          • Morganbich
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            This DBZ that WMS is closing out for under 300. The frets and neck are like a custom shop guitar, it weighs nothing sustains for days,sounds good unplugged.dbz.jpg

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          • Brian Krashpad
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            richey888 wrote:


            Light, versatile (who knew 1 P-90 could cover so much ground?) plays awesome........

            Bosstastic.  A Melody Maker LP with pickguard added, correct?

            I've long had a plan to do the same.

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          This, It's so fun.

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