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Bass Guitars - they're a bit boring, aren't they?


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  • Bass Guitars - they're a bit boring, aren't they?

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate listening to a good bass player. Playing with one is even better. I actually enjoy playing the thing myself now and then, but as an instrument I just don't find them as interesting as guitars. With guitars, I get the whole "ooh, I need to add a Les Paul to my collection" or "I need a Tele for that country twang" but to me, a bass is just a bass. Sure, some of them are nicer to play than others, but I've got one nice bass, it cost me

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    Bass players, like my friend, will say stuff like, "I need the Musicman sound for this one" or "This song would be better with a Fender" and "Gibson basses suck. Why the hell would you ever play one?"

    So if we were primarily bass players, we'd probably want more than one bass. I have just one bass, a 5-string, but I would also like a fretless and a short-scale.
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      I wouldn't mind adding a Carvin 5 or 6 string to the collection someday.


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        You are obviously a guitarist. As a bass player it get the same must have for different basses as you do with Guitars. I am the oppersite of you as i think most guitars all sound the same ha ha


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          I agree that they are somewhat boring.

          If I could play a bass it would be this


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        Basses are cool.  And it seems bass builders are more creative than most guitar builders.  But I really don't hear a lot of difference from one bass to another.  Maybe I just don't listen for it.

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          I'm extremely picky about basses, actually. It's just that it was very easy to nail down exactly what I want, but when you have a bass that isn't quite responding the right way, it's very frustrating.