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'78 Ibanez PF200: restore the gold hardware or leave it?

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  • '78 Ibanez PF200: restore the gold hardware or leave it?

    I bought a really good (near mint) condition '78 Ibanez PF200 recently. I took it apart, cleaned it up, put it back together again and set her up with some 010's and sounds absolutely amazming. But here's the issue; i visited some friends yesterday and one of the people there works at a company where they make medals and jewellery and he told me he could "redo" all of the gold-plated hardware to make them look like new, including machine heads, pickups, the works. Now, i was excited, as of course i would like to have the guitar look as original as possible, but i was wondering:

    1. Does it harm the value of the guitar (in the unlikely case of me wanting to sell it off)

    2. Would it noticably influence the sound of the guitar? We're talking microns of layers of gold so i would guess not but hey, who am i?

    Any suggestions or experience would be much appreciated!photo 2.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 1.JPG

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    I would suggest leaving it as it is.

    The gold has worn, as it does on most guitars, in a way that does not look bad and indicates that the guitar has been played. The appearance of rest of the guitar indicates that it had been properly cared for so I think your resale value is still quite good.

    Redoing the gold could result in something unpredictable as it eventually wears.

    I don't think it would affect the sound of the instrument at all.

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      Leave it, it looks good the way it is.


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        Looks great for its age! Leave it. An old guitar should look like an old guitar. I mean that in a totally good way, too!
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          Yeah leave it. It looks great as is!


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        Okay, definetely post pictures of your axe at the Ibanez Collectors World forum.  They'll go bananas because it's so clean.

        If the metal was pitted and terrible condition I'd replate but the items on your guitar look in very good to excellent condition.

        Tell your friend you'll keep it in mind if things go bad.  Some people have replated the parts on vintage Ibanezes to restore the luster of the metal pieces but yours look great.

        Congrats on getting that guitar, that's a beauty!

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          Yes, beautiful guitar, and like the others, I

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          Good one, i will definitely do so!! And thanks for the thumbs up, it's probably the best find i have ever made.

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        Hey you guys, thank you all for massively responding in this way! And indeed, an old guitar should look like an old guitar. I am planning on getting some more of these babies and i will keep you posted with pics.


        If you happen to run into one for 500 USD, just get it. I was amazed how good it sounds and feels.

        Thanks again! I am leaving it as is! All the best from Holland


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          OK, dissenting voice.


          I'de have it all redone, as Japanese 70s/80s gold plate is ****************ing awful and doesn't age gracefully, it bubbles like ****************, simply because of the process they used and what metals they put under it.


          New Gotoh stuff does age well, but the old way.


          And it'll take about 6-12 months to age down and if you polish it  it'll age it also.


          I can age brand new gold plater pickup cover so easily with about 15mins work and they look like 70s Gibson pickup covers

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            I agree with the above post by Ratae.  Re-do the gold, and then you can

            sell it as mint condition on ebay!

          • lenergens
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            Ah, i like the other side of things as well, but i must say that indeed the idea of having an aged guitar suits me pretty well.


            I got another one just yesterday, it is a '78 Les Paul by Ibanez and i must agree with the bubbling of the plated gold in some areas, but i am worried that if the gold looks brand new, it will stand out too much.



            photo 3.JPGphoto 3.JPG

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          It's a gorgeous guitar.  Leave it as it is.

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