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Question for American Fender Strat owners concerning microtilt

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  • Question for American Fender Strat owners concerning microtilt

    Just scored an 89 American Fender Strat and though I love the tonez and the neck, it either needs a shim or a microtilt adjustment to play as well as my two MIMs.  I notice it has the requisite hole in the neckplate but do I need a special tool?  And do any of you guys just say screw the microtilt and just shim?  I have to admit I'm a little leery after owning a Peavey T-15 with that feature that would cause the neck to shift.

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    I'm using the micro-tilt on the following :

    - 1993 MIJ tele

    - 2004 MIA strat

    - 2003 MIA strat


    Just be careful not to overtighten any of the four regular neck screws (or three on some models). get a tech to do it for you if needed. You might crack your finish or indeed put uneven pressure on the neck if it's not done properly. By all means loosen your strings before working on the neck joint.

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      Thks for weighing in Mcshaft.  Think I'll just shim as always.  That just sounds too complicated and dangerous.

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    I use maple headstock overlay blanks and cut/sand/drill a shim the right size and angle. It makes the neck less likely to move in the pocket than with a micro-tilt and I'm convinced that it makes the guitar sound better.


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      Thx much fellas for your input.  I actually discovered that the neck had too much slack, so I straightened that out and adjusted the saddles and walla it dialed right in.  I know I could bring it down just a tad more with a neck adjustment.  So, in order to tweek the micro-tilt take the slack out of the strings you say.  And what allen wrench to use?  Thx.