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FedEx/UPS Shipping Cost Heartburn

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  • FedEx/UPS Shipping Cost Heartburn

    I sold a Gretsch 6119 w. case and allowed $65 for shipping in my auction. I went to FedEx and was delighted to find the shipping was $49.00. When asked for declared value I told them $1600 (sell price) and was told sorry, we only insure up to $1000.00. I was shipping in a case in the original Gretsch box. Chances are it would not get damaged but if damaged or lost, well you know sh!t happens.

    I went to UPS and shipping was a $59 ona $100 declared value. By the time I insured it for the actual value, the cost was $89.00!! Insurance over $100 declared value is $2.00 per every $100 valuation.

    This is just getting more costly every day.

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    That's pretty much the reality of shipping these days. Not much you can do other than pay up.
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