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Hot or Not? April 21st


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  • Hot or Not? April 21st

    KLEIN Barden Caster, Blonde, Barden Telecaster style pickups,  built by Steve Klein
    for Joe Barden, ash body, one of a kind


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    Does this "horn" rest on your belly for the ultimate contour?


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      I don't think a production run is warranted.


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        The only consolation I can take from that is that it is described as being "one of a kind" ...


        • gardo
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          Salvadore Dali would have liked itDali

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        If it sounds great, then.... Wait, nevermind. That's too ugly to even be practical.
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          Looks like a super Mario ghost or something lol!
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            That bitch be homely.



            • Pine Apple Slim
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              Different but cool. I'd hit it.


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            I'd give it a play for certain.  I've heard multiple artists from Lou Reed to David Torn and Andy Summers rave about the ergonomics and playability of Steve Klein's designs so that gets me interested. 

            Based on that reputation alone, I'll say Hot.

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            • slvrsrpnt
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              'tis not visually appealing to this silly human.

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            That guitar needs to be killed, and it's builder needs to answer long and hard questions, and maybe see a social worker if he has children, who may need to go into care while he gets better


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            • Malcolm Ramone
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