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Installing DiMarzio soapbars in P90 route?

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  • Installing DiMarzio soapbars in P90 route?

    I just got a pair of DiMarzio DLX soapbars to replace the P90s in my Les Paul.

    My LP has the usual mounting plate in the pickup cavity. So, how do I go about mounting the DLX's?

    The mounting screws for the DLX are on the outer sides of the pickups, like a minihumbucker, rather than in the center of the pickup.

    The mounting plate itself does have holes drilled in it for the outer mounting screws, but the wood underneath does NOT have holes drilled into it.

    Should I use wood screws and drill holes underneath the mounting plate? What else should I do to stabilize and install the pickup?

    Dig this picture (not mine). It shows the mounting plate with two outer holes where mounting screws go (see the red arrows). But the wood underneath the plate is not drilled.


     photo 8008914239_496e836494-1.jpg

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    You shouldn't need to drill holes. In all of the Gibsons that I've looked at that use that mounting plate, the holes were already drilled.


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      from the picture, it looks like the screws go into the mounting plate so I would do the same with the dimarzios

      you may need to drill holes in the wood under the plate so there is room fro the screws to travel for adjustment

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        Are there holes in the wood under the holes in the plate for the P90s?
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          IIRC, that plate is meant to be adaptable to P90s, ie screws in the middle and Gibson style mini hums


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          • GilmourD
            GilmourD commented
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            Ratae Coritanorum wrote:

            IIRC, that plate is meant to be adaptable to P90s, ie screws in the middle and Gibson style mini hums


            I have a feeling, though, that what the OP is saying is that the guitar originally had P90s and there is wood removed from under the center P90 screw holes in the plate, giving clearance for the screws, but that there appears to be no wood removed under the outer screw holes, so the screws for the new DiMarzio may hit wood before they're all the way in.

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          Mark where the P90 screw go, remove the plate and drill the locations to clear thre screws. I would use a 3/16" bit. Wrap a piece of tape around the bit as a depth gauge so you don't drill through the back!!! Set the depth using the humbucker clearance holes as a guide.