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Is there a set of strings like this?


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  • Is there a set of strings like this?

    What I want in a set of string does not seem to come in a single pack...I'm getting kinda tired of getting a particular pack and then having to order other strings separately.

    So, is there a single set that looks something like 11/14/20w/28/38/52? The main problem is getting that wound third in there standard; it only seems to come in 12s and 10s.

    If it really comes down to it I could order custom sets, but I would be tremendously appreciative if there was a way to just get this like that.

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    Lighter high strings are acceptable so long as the bottom is not thinner than 50.


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      D'Addario makes a set of 11s with a .021w and a .049w on the bottom. That's pretty close.

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        Curt Mangan Strings:

        Product Description

        11-15-22W-30-42-52 Length: 43 inches Nickel-Plated Steel wound strings were introduced in the late Sixties and have become the most popular alloy for electric guitars and bass. Nickel-plated steel tends to offer the most balanced tone.


        Labella has a set of flatwounds:


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