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Hot or Not? April 23rd


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  • Hot or Not? April 23rd


    McInturff Empress

    Deep dish carve double cutaway design.
    One piece Honduras mahogany neck.
    One piece Honduras mahogany body.
    East Indian rosewood fretboard.
    Set in mortise and tenon neck/body joint.
    Joins at the 19th fret.
    25-1/8" Scale length.
    1-11/16" Nut width.
    12" radius arch.
    22 frets, medium jumbo.
    9 degree headstock pitch.
    Curved, single action stainless steel truss rod.
    Additional graphite reinforcements.
    Unique shock protect circuit on bridge ground. Limits electric current at the strings in dangerous ground fault conditions. 

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    Rather meh. -Adam
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    • lz4005
      lz4005 commented
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      Hot in every way except the pickup switch placement. Would be far out of the way for how I play.
      Love the straight string pull design of the head stock. I'm sort of obsessed with straight string pull.

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    Looks like a little bit of heaven, though the pickup switch is in an awkward spot.


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      Beautiful bit of work...Switch placement is intriguing...Guess I'd have to play it a bit to make judgment on that particular quirk.Might end up liking it if the guitar plays as pretty as it looks.



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        Not an HSS fan, but that's hot. Would love to try a McInturff one day.

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          And shouldn't the vibrato be black?


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            I'm not sure. It's cool I guess.
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            • FrankenSteinberger
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              It's beautiful, but the bridge is--considering the availability of other hardware--a bit boring.




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            • Jkater
              Jkater commented
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              Though I'm often put off by bling, this one does it for me. gotta admire the quality of the work on that guitar. I say HOT.

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            Sorta pleasant


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            • slvrsrpnt
              slvrsrpnt commented
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              me likie!

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            A lot of things about it that are cool, but taken as a whole, not so much.

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              Hot. Quilty, which I could do without, but hot nonetheless.
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