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    Been buying a few things lately.  I don't know why, just in the mood when things pop up on CL.  Anyway I'm going to sell one or two of these three.  Which one or ones would you keep and why.  Keep in mind that my permanent keeper is my Epiphone Sheraton that my family gave me.  Also, the Strat is worth about 2x of the Ibby and the Tele about 3x.

    three amigos

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    Well, I'd sell the Tele for sure, since those are quite popular right now, and you'll get a good price for it. The Strat, which looks like a MIM Standard Fat Strat, if I'm not mistaken, will fetch maybe $250, and shouldn't be too hard to unload. The Ibanez will only sell for $100 at best, and will be harder to unload, especially since its modded.

    Personally, I'd probably keep the Tele, if I liked the neck on it. I have no experience with those, but my collection already has guitars too close to the other two, and they don't get the most play time.
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      I would probably keep either the strat or the tele.  The ibby I would have no use for if I already had the sheraton, the strat would give you the single-coil goodness option, and I like the sound and feel of deluxe teles, although there is probably quite a bit of overlap sound-wise with your sheraton.


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        The question is why can't you choose if it's because you like all 3 then it's a tough choice but i would say keep the strat as in my opinion it would offer more tones that the sheraton can't give you. If the reason you can't choose is because none of the guitars really speak to you then i would sell or trade all 3 and find something that does speak to you.


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          I'd sell all three. If you don't have a strong reason to keep one, don't.


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            PrawnHeed wrote:
            I'd sell all three. If you don't have a strong reason to keep one, don't.


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          Keep the strat



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            keep the tele