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    Must have made a whole lotta cash.


    I'm out of jokes!  Someone funner get in here!

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    • Mad Tele
      Mad Tele commented
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      what is the effect at the end?  


      I like how he is posing after...like, "yeah-Im the man." 

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    He is growing old, rapidly. Robert too. Nice guitar.

    So many guitars, so little time


    • skybluegary
      skybluegary commented
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      Sounds like a pitchshifer 1 octave

    • GilmourD
      GilmourD commented
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      Buttcrust wrote:

      He is growing old, rapidly. Robert too. Nice guitar.

      That video's from '05, too. His hair's all white, now.

    • Roy Brooks
      Roy Brooks commented
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      "He is growing old, rapidly."

      He actually looks good considering that he is sixty nine years old.

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    The dudes behind the desk need to get the sticks out of their asses.
    We're not in Kansas anymore.


    • 6down1togo
      6down1togo commented
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      When he started playing, I thought "Why is he playing American Woman by the Guess Who?"